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New Year, Fresh Minds

Happy New Year!

A new year is starting, are you ready to change more lives for the better?

Teachers all over the world are making their students’ screen time matter. Duolingo for Schools is now one year old and its popularity among teachers and schools just keeps growing. In 2015, we visited schools, invited teachers over, hosted live and online events, and developed exciting features based on our research and your input. We are looking forward to another amazing year of growth and learning. Things will only get better and we are proud to have done all of this while working with the educators and students that this tool is intended for. As Duolingo for Schools is cracking out of its egg, teachers have this unique opportunity to influence something they are using to assist them in the classroom… how cool is that?

If you are an experienced Duolingo educator, we hope you have enjoyed this journey and imagine you know your way around and have already checked out the treats we put out for the holiday season. If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to explore the assignments feature which was announced in this post.

For your teacher friends who have shown interest in using Duolingo but are just getting started, and for administrators (and even curious parents) we recommend you share our colorful Guide for Leaders in Education pdf guide. It is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, just click on your preferred language to open it.

Get more answers: Ask questions here in the Educators’ forum and visit our Duolingo for Schools help page, as well as our Duolingo support center (for general Duolingo questions) and you should be able to find all the information you need.

As always, keep an eye on this forum for the latest news and releases from Duolingo for Schools, this is where you’ll find out about it before anywhere else. We wish you and your students a wonderful New Year and are honored to have you here with us in 2016. Let’s do this!

—Duolingo for Schools team

January 3, 2016



Just joined Duolingo Classroom and loving it!


I just invited my students......hope this will work well.....


Please keep us posted, Yillianlza!


This is such a great program and you keep it with you forever.


That's what I was thinking I love it when years are new yeah it's awesome I really love it please keep posting other things on holidays I will always look at them I love this thread so much it is so cool and important



tack så mycket jag älskar Duolingo


I have loved Duolingo for Schools! My students are loving duolingo! thanks duolingo :)))))


Our school uses this, and it is an amazing website to use! I love using this as a teaching tool. It allows me to keep track of students progress easily and assigning class work!

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