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Esperanto for Africa

I've been thinking that, seeing the problems the continent is facing and the help it isn't receiving because of the diversity and complexity of its languages, maybe we should make more campaigns for teaching Esperanto in there. THIS WAY! We would encourage more people to help without the thought of wasting too much time in language learning (for both sides), and we could also promote Esperanto with it(imagine a whole continent speaking it). Mi amas diverseco de lingvoj en Afriko. Esperanto povas esti utila ilo por konservi ĝin.

There are some people who are already trying it:


January 3, 2016



It's a good idea, though I think first we must make esperanto a useful language to learn. If enough people in the rich world learn esperanto, then it will be useful for those in the poor world who have few resources. We have the luxury of being able to learn a language we don't really need.


In general, it's a good idea, but I don't know really how it would go on...

First, I have to said that, though Esperanto was meant to be a universal language, it isn't. Esperanto doesn't have many (if there's any) words from African origin, and it would be as difficult as English for many people, when refering to vocabulary.

Second, there are some languages used as lingua franca for many African countries, like Swahili/Arabic, or languages already known in many African countries (like French).

Third, Africa has a lot of languages. In fact, it's the continent with most language diversity (at least a third of the total existent languages) but there are some languages easily spoken by 75% of the population (they are like 12 languages, but difficult).

It would be obviously difficult to achieve, but Esperanto should only be taught as lingua franca, as we can't let alone many native languages that already can be learned in a faster way (for example, learning Swahili and Arabic would cover a great area), or using languages spoken in Africa and in other countries (French and some latin languages like Portuguese are spoken in a good part of central Africa)... maybe.

Esperanto would be an easy language to learn, but it would be difficult for africans (mostly for their resources) and shouldn't be used in contexts that have a better lingual approach (like I said before). We'll see if that's a good idea or not.

PD: I'm not a native speaker. If I have some mistake, please tell me; I'd be grateful for that.


English is very difficult. I highly doubt Esperanto would be as difficult to learn, even if you do not have similar vocabulary. It is not just vocabulary (which is also smaller in Esperanto), but also grammar, and spelling. In English you have to essentially learn every word twice. Once how it sounds, once how it is written. And then you have to learn the grammar, which is very difficult to get correct (and getting things wrong makes misunderstandings easy).


Well, I know Esperanto is a lot easier to learn. But I don't mean to say africans should be learning English, just that it'd be better if American or European or Asian countries learn just some African language who would be easier for some parts of Africa - they wouldn't need to learn another language, even if it's Esperanto or English or Hungarian. Some countries already can speak Swahili (as their mother or second language), and it's easier to europeans to learn Swahili than to africans to learn Esperanto (in terms of resources). It could be better to teach Esperanto in some areas which don't have a wide-extended lingua franca, but (for example) in northern Africa there are a lot of people already speaking Arabic. Why not learn Arabic and go and speak in Arabic to them? There's no need to use Esperanto for the whole continent.


English is not that difficult. It's grammar is very easy and simple compared to my native language, Spanish, the only difficult aspect of English is its pronunciation, since, as you say, you have to learn every single word twice, spoken and written, cause English has no pronunciation rules at all. Other than that, English is a great world language. Anyway, if the African Union ever needs an official language, why not an African language like Swahili? Its already spoken as a second language by over 100 Africans, is the lingua franca of central-east Africa and most importantly, its an African language. Esperanto vocabulary is mainly based on European words and was created in Europe, so it fits much better as the official language of the European Union, specially now that English is the language of Brexit and euro-scepticism.

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    "Third, Africa has a lot of languages. In fact, it's the country with most language diversity " -Africa is not a country, it is a continent.


    I'm pretty sure it was a momentaneous confusion. He mentions countries earlier in the text, so I believe he knows Africa is a continent.

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      I am sure that he does too. I guess that what I meant to say was that he should edit that part. Papua New Guinea is the most linguistically diverse country in the world with 850+ languages.


      Yeah, I don't know in what I was thinking when I writed that; sorry for the confusion xD

      [deactivated user]

        It's okay. :)


        Don't be a prick. I'm sure everyone knows Africa is a continent.


        It is a wonderful idea :D


        Certainly, it is good. The only problem that Esperanto is not wide spread because of the NGOs which do not respect the resolutions of UNESCO 1985 to use Esperanto.

        You can download the resolutions at UNESCO official webpage with the search


        Besides, the World Federation of United Nations Association, which is the first to support to use Esperanto and pass the resolution in 1979 to use Esperanto but till today, nothing is being done. English is still the dominate language and Korean is another official webpage, wondering it is the secretary BAN related.


        More than 75% of the people in the world do not speak a word of English but the NGOs still think that English is the most effective language in the world.

        Esperanto is the best language for commerce but no one go on to use it.

        The Esperanto tourism in Cambodia, there is no one, in fact only two groups, using the service. The United Nations World Tourism Organisation passed the Manifesto 1980 in Manila, it is in the shelf.

        It is something wrong in the Esperantujo.


        I know this discussion is more than a year ago.

        I am from South Africa and we have an Esperanto association here. I am new to the language and love it, English is also not my first language.

        Esperanto is starting to spread as more African countries are starting to get associations and more people are learning and speaking the language. I know some of the countries where Esperanto has spread to are Algeria, Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Tanzanië, Togo and Tunisia.


        ne malbona ideo


        I like it. Sure, it's a long shot, but it's the kind of thinking we need to help our fellow man in this crazy world we live in. Rock on

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