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  5. "I have that tea."

"I have that tea."

Translation:Ja mam tamtą herbatę.

January 3, 2016



Why is it tamtą rather than tamtę?


I had this question as well. The declensions of ten and tamten are so similar that the first time I learned them I though they were exactly the same. However, there's a difference, the accusative feminine. It is tĘ for this, but tamtĄ for that. Otherwise it would be too boring, I guess.


Because it's so. Many people say even "tą" instead of "tę".


Why does herbata change to herbatę?


Herbata is tea in the nominative case(the subject of the sentence). Herbatę is in the accusative case(The direct object, the thing being acted upon) of the sentence. The subject is "I" and the direct object is "tea", hence the change.


Just started to learn. Kinda difficult to understand difference between "tamta" and "tamtą" at this stage.


"tamta" (tamta herbata) is Nominative, "tamtą" (tamtą herbatę) is Accusative.

Nominative is used mostly for the subject of the sentence (Tamta herbata jest smaczna), Accusative is used for the direct object of the sentence (as here).

I'll let myself assume (from your nickname) that you understand Russian, so that would be "Тот чай - вкусный" vs "Я имею тот чай", Wait, that's not the best example as it looks identically here... OK, "Та вода - вкусная" vs "Я имею ту воду". And yeah, "У меня та вода" would be more natural but wouldn't show anything ;)


Why is it tamtą rather than tamto?


"tamto" is neuter, "tamtą" is feminine. Accusative feminine, as needed by "mieć" (to have).

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