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"There do not exist houses like that."

Translation:Não existem casas como essa.

January 12, 2013



I believe my "Casas assim, não existem." is an acceptable translation. It was rejected. Is the meaning so different?


No, it's perfectly alright. I've noticed you have a good command of Portuguese already. When in doubt, trust your gut, not Duolingo :-)


Well thank you for boosting my confidence. I hope Doulingo's Portuguese beta is improved through our input. I think it is a brilliant initiative.


You're welcome. Perhaps. I have to admit the staff is unusually receptive to the community. However, I can only attest to that as far as the "General Discussions" forum is concerned. Next time you encounter this sentence, you should submit it as an acceptable solution.


Why can't I say "não têm casas..."


The English sentence is wrong. It should Houses like that don´t exist.


According to this user in this forum (I presume he must be a native speaker), it is correct. I agree it sounds odd, but I also think it is... http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=242600


Hmmm well maybe but in the US we don´t say that way.


You're right. It does sound odd because it is odd.


It sounds wrong because it is wrong. The word "there" uses the word "does" not "do". There does not exist...


"There aren't any houses like that." Or "Houses like that don't exist." (Sounds a bit awkward.)


Not sure if the person you linked is a native speaker or not, but I agree that it is a correct sentence even though it looks weird to me (native US English). It is being used as a dummy subject: http://www.myenglishpages.com/site_php_files/grammar-lesson-dummy-there.php . There is an example on the page as well using "exist" to further prove the point.


Can we say Aí não existem casas como essa, to stress the word there in this example?


There doesn't mean "Aí" in this sentence.

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