"What would you like to read?"

Translation:Co byś chciał przeczytać?

January 4, 2016

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Why wouldn't "Co chciałbyś czytać?" work?

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It should have been accepted. If not, someone should report it.

Just bear in mind that the meaning is slightly different.

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"Czytać" means "to read, to be in the process of reading", "przeczytać" means "to read till the end, to read entirely".

Let's assume that the other person replies "Książki Agaty Christie." – "Agatha Christie's books." Or as full sentence:

"Chciałbym przeczytać książki Agaty Christie." – "I would like to read Agatha Christie's books – and finish them all."

"Chciałbym czytać książki Agaty Christie." – "I would like to read Agatha Christie's books – instead of doing whatever I'm doing now or at some unspecified moment in the future – however, I am not necessarily sure about finishing them yet."


Dunno why you got thumbs down, you all make perfect sense. Same mistake just happened to me


I had a right (green) answer: "You have an extra space. Co chciałabyś przeczytać?", but I choosed "Co chciała byś przeczytać". But certainly there is no such option like "chciałabyś"...


If you see separate tiles for 'chciała' and 'byś', then you should change the word order to 'Co byś chciała'.

'Co chciałabyś' is correct, but it's not always possible to create alternative sentences from the given tiles. If you want to have more options, enable the keyboard and write it manually.


Could simply "Co czytałbyś?" carry the implied meaning of a moderate inclination/desire? cf. e.g. "Zjadłbym coś" meaning 'I would like to eat something'.


"Zjadłbym coś" uses a perfective verb - you'd like to 'succesfully' eat something. "Jadłbym coś" from the imperfective verb would be pretty strange, unless you really mean "I would be eating something".

Similarly, "czytałbyś", being imperfective, doesn't really work well here. It'd rather be "przeczytałbyś" ('succesfully' reading some text) or "poczytałbyś" ('read for some time', 'spend some time reading').

And actually, the particle -by and its forms (like -byś) doesn't like to be at the end of the sentence, so it should be "Co byś [przeczytał/poczytał]?".

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