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  5. "Il apprend les paroles."

"Il apprend les paroles."

Translation:He learns the lyrics.

January 12, 2013



What is the difference between 'les paroles' and 'les mots'?


in theory les paroles would mean the "lyrics" you speak with mots, your sentences are constructed by putting mots together not paroles. But if you are learning the "words" of a song, you are learning the "paroles". There is also an idiom which is "donner sa parole a quelqu'un" meaning to give somebody one's word. Other than that, I would NEVER translate "words" by "paroles".

I hope this helps


The discussion here is insightful. While "mots" refers to individual words, "la parole" has a very different sense. With that in mind, a better translation of "Il apprend les paroles" would probably be "He learns the lyrics" or at least to understand "He learns the words" in the context of "lyrics" and not individual words. Check this link: http://www.larousse.com/en/dictionaries/french-english/parole/57939


Cool! Thanks guys :)


Why is "He teaches the words" wrong when "Il nous apprend les mots" means "He teaches us the words"?


I believe "apprendre" means learn if there is no indirect object, and it means to teach if there is an indirect object.

In your example: "Il nous apprend les mots", "nous" is an indirect object, so this is "he teaches us the words" or (to make the indirect object more obvious) "he teaches the words TO us"

If you take out "nous" then "il apprend les mots" has no indirect object so it becomes "He learns the words"


I just had my mind blown wide open.


In English, we can say I will learn the words. However, you can not say I will learn the words to him. You have to use teach instead.

In French, you can learn the words to him. You just have to remember to substitute teach for learn when translating to English.


Why not "the lines" That would be typical of actors, wouldn't it?


Why not "he teaches the words"??


Dude they just explained it, read patlaf's reply :)


Why not "he is learning words"?


You forgot the article. He's learning the words.

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