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"Your birthday is not in October."

Translation:Twoje urodziny nie są w październiku.

January 4, 2016



Why is the plural form correct here? Wouldn't it translate by "Your birthdays are in october"?


Urodziny is always plural.


Yes, but it would be "Wasze urodziny" and not "twoje...". Twoje suggests singular


Thanks, for the answer! KamilKubac : If you're talking about one person's birthday it's twoje, if you're talking about 2 persons birthdays it's wasze. In both case urodziny stays plural in polish. (Same as your cat/your cats, for both case you can be speaking to either one or several people, thus "your" can be singular or plural in both cases)


Why is it są? Isn't są supposed to be corresponding to oni/one? Twoje is like the possession form of ty, so if anything wouldn't it be masz? Or is it going by wasze? Which that would be wy meaning you (all). But (if thinking in English), wasze wouldn't make any sense. Because you'd be asking "(All of) your birthday is not in October." Wouldn't birthday have to be plural in that case?


Urodziny is always a plural noun, no matter how many birthdays you are talking about. If it were singular, the sentence would start with "twój", but well, that's not possible.


Is it perhaps plural because you celebrate your saint's birthday and your own? Just a thought.


I think you are referring to imieniny (name-day), as birthdays aren't a christian tradition at all.

Those pluralia tantum seem to refer to social activities (in a broader sense):

Chrzciny - christening; odwiedziny - (social) visit; przeprosiny - apologies, the act of apologising.


Thank you. That is interesting.


I think it can be thought of as being plural because, with the rare exception of somebody's birthday being on Feb 29th, all of your birthdays are in the same month.


Twins? Weird, though.


"twoje"? No it's not.


I noticed that it came up as 'wasze urodziny nie są w paźdierniku', but the English translation was 'Your birthday is not in October'. I get that birthday is always plural in Polish, but in Polish wasze is addressing multiple people, and in English it was 'Your birthday is...' which is addressing one person.


True, I removed it from the starred answers, but I guess it's still possible if you're talking to twins, which is not even that rare.


I never said it was.


"Your birthdayS ARE not in October" if you are talking with more than one person since a single person can only have one birthday.


Actually, everybody over the age of one has multiple birthdays, one per year. I guess that's why it's plural in Polish, but singular in the less-logical English language :-) .


That would make sense if the base Polish sentence was "Wasze urodziny nie są w październiku", but "Twoje" refers to just one person.

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