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  5. "What is your home task?"

"What is your home task?"

Translation:Яке твоє домашнє завдання?

January 4, 2016



Does it sound natural to say here "Яке у тебе домашнє завдання"?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, this also sounds natural.

    [Although I'd use «в» and not «у» here, because «яке» ends in a vowel, but у/в alteration is not taught in this course...]


    I didn't realize the у/в alteration was applicable to genitive possessive as well as to locutive/prepositional.


    Yes, and in a conversation about homework such a loose translation is preferable. It means exactly "What do you need to do" and not something else like is it interesting/difficult etc.

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