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  5. " They eat off the plates."

" They eat off the plates."

Terjemahan:Mereka makan dari piring-piring itu.

January 4, 2016

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Mksud dr off apa ya?


Menurut gua, itu off adalah gabungan bareng dengan eat. Jadi eat artinya makan, eat off artinya memakan habis, eat off the plates artinya memakan habis isi dari piring nya. Gitu mungkin.


off disini adalah proposisi dari eat. jadi penggunannya wajib digabung dgn eat off disituasi tersebut.


Kata "off" bisa diklik di kalimat soalnya. Dalam kalimat itu artinya "makan langsung dari" Cmiiw:)


Cuma kurang "itu" salah ya???


"The" bisa di artikan "itu"


Iya cma kurang itu hiks hiks


Salah itu off..mungkin of maksudnya


they eat off the plates, "eat off" ini adalah kata proposisi.. tidak di pisah. jika di pisah beda lagi artinya. duo lingo mencoba memberi tahu kita arti dari "eat off" dan penggunaannya.


Off apa of ,mana yg benar


Koq bisa "off" artinya dari


They eat off the plates Kenapa artinya Mereka makan dari piring" itu Yaaa Off itu dari?


Knapa eat off?? They eat of the plates harusnya #cmiiw


Ada yang bisa jawab? Itu kenapa off bukan of?


Susah menjelaskannya


Off itu apa sihhh Duhhh sebelnya


Kata 'eat off'-nya bisa dipencet, nah nanti ada arti dari kata itu, eat off = makan langsung dari


"they eat off the plates". seharusnya terjemahan yang benar adalah "mereka menghabiskan seluruh makanan mereka"


Yes, this expression also exists in American English.

"To eat off a plate" would be in contrast to "to eat out of a bowl" or "to eat off the table/tray/floor" or "to eat out of someone's hand". You say "off" or "off of" ("of" is optional) for flat things and "out of" ("of" isn't optional) for rounded things, because food is "on" as in "on top of" flat things, and it's "in" as in "inside" rounded things, so you use the opposite words since you are removing food from those places.

You can also just use "from" in all cases: "to eat from a plate", "to eat from a bowl", etc. I don't know if Duolingo accepts this, but people will easily understand you.

You can also say "drink through a straw", "drink out of a glass/bowl/etc.", and "drink off the floor/table/tray" (if a liquid is spilled on a flat surface). You can use "from" with all of these too

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