"I need to do something."

Translation:Muszę coś robić.

January 4, 2016

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Is it not correct to also say "Potrzebuję coś robić"?

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In general, you can't use potrzebować+infinitive outside of few situations, and even on those situations, it's better to use musieć.


What is the difference between potrzebuję and muszę?


Generally, I need vs I must/have to, but here, 'potrzebuję' would sound wrong to me. As vytah wrote above: "In general, you can't use potrzebować+infinitive outside of few situations, and even on those situations, it's better to use musieć."


to need - potrzebować
to need to/have to/must - musieć


Any difference in meaning if i use perfective instead?


Do you mean "Muszę coś zrobić" ? It's hard to tell with such ambiguous sentence. It feels like a dictionary. Other than robić is focused on activity and zrobić on result. All hipothetical situations I can imagine "I need to do something " , "Muszę coś zrobić" seems more probable.

All hipothetical situations I can imagine "muszę coś robić" it seems strange and "I need to be doing something= I need to be busy" seems like a translation.

But somebody does something annoying "do you have to do this?" - "Musisz to robić?"


Dlaczego "Powinienem coś zrobić" nie jest akceptowalne?


Muszę coś robić. means I have to do something and not I need to do something !


I agree with you. I was caught out in the same way. As a native English speaker I would always translate 'muszę' as 'I have...' or ' I must...' rather than 'I need' and that left me searching, in such a simple sentence, for a word for 'I need'.


Dictionaries are very helpful, but not always. They may show the meaning of a single word, but not always its use in real language.

In general, when English speaker says "I need to"/ "I have to"/
"I must", the Polish speaker says "Muszę".

I need to do something - Muszę coś zrobić
I need to keep myself busy/occupied - Muszę coś robić

to need to - musieć
to need - potrzebować

The use of the verb to need differs from the use of the Polish verb potrzebować. It is a an ERROR to follow it by another VERB in Polish.


Of course. In order to find the word 'need', I have to go back into older speech and say ' I must needs do something'. Now I have it!


It's understandable, but in Polish you do not really use "potrzebować" with verbs, so "need to" is actually a good translation and a natural one.


So musieć can mean must have or need?


Generally no, but I would indeed translate this sentence here with "musieć"...

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