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"Я люблю говорить об Америке и Германии."

Translation:I like talking about America and Germany.

January 4, 2016



Why do some of the questions (such as this one) involving люблю only accept like as the English translation and not love as well?


The verb любить in russian is actually very similar to the french verb "aimer":

when referring to relatives or pets, it means "love", but when referring to inanimate objects, it means "like". In this particular case it would be weird (and wrong) to say that you "love" talking about America and Germany.


I don't know about the Russian and translating it, but in and of itself, there is nothing wrong in English with "I love to talk about American and Germany."

With another construction, I translated любить with an object as "like" and got marked wrong, being told I left out "very" - yet here there is no "very" or "a lot."

I don't know if it's Russian or Duolingo, but this is all very confusing.

I agree with Don4593 (below).


I agree with you. Reporting the answer.


I grew speaking Russian with my family, and we never used "любить" as "like". We used "нравиться" instead. "любить" is reserved for strong emotions, mainly love as it is directly translated to, though also as an exaggeration for really liking something. Though if you want to say "I really like" you would say "мне очень нравится".


I have never thought about this comparison before. Спасибо!


I will never understand this


I translated it as "I love to speak about America and Germany". It was marked wrong. So the second time I tried "I like to speak about American and Germany" and this was correct. So speak and talk are interchangeable, at least in this sentence. And as others have noted, like and love are usually interchangeable, but not this time.

One more issue: since "говорить" is infinitive, shouldn't we use the infinitive "to talk" instead of "talking"?


There is no artificial intelligence in Duolingo. There are merely a list of correct answers and a larger number of possible correct answers to most questions.


To answer your last question, yes. If directly translated it should be "to talk". The reason for this is because in Russian, if you use two verbs in a row, the first will be conjugated and the second will be in the infinitive form. But when translated into English, there are far more grammar rules that apply depending on the verb. But in this case, to talk would be correct.


this course has just become self aware


"I like to talk" is equally correct and should be accepted! Look in a grammar book, Duo!


How would you say "I would like to talk about America and Germany"? Like if you were giving a speech.


Would it be ok if I put USA/ United states instead of America, or does it have to be America?


Should accept ....love/like to talk....


i take it 'об' implies genitive here?


"I love talking about America and Germany" was not accepted!!!!!!


what is wrong with I like to speak about...

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