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  5. "Mit meinen Eltern?"

"Mit meinen Eltern?"

Translation:With my parents?

January 12, 2013



Should it not be "Mit meiner Eltern?". Since it is die Eltern?

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In dative the singular 'die' changes to 'der' but the plural 'die' changes to 'den'. So 'meinen' not 'meiner'.


Danke. I had the same question.


This sentence can have three VERY different meanings depending on the word you put emphasis on. "WITH my parents?" (implying you want to go without them) "With MY parents?" (implying this person would much rather go with someone else's parents) or... "With my PARENTS?" (implying that another family member can be addressed instead) I dunno, it was just something cool I noticed.


You'll notice the same thing with many sentences if you pay attention. The field of linguistics is fascinating.


Cool! I haven't even noticed that! Thanks a lot! :)


Shouldn`t it be meinem? I thought meinen with N in the end was accusative! Makes no sense to me now.

[deactivated user]

    "mir" puts "die Eltern" in dative form. And following the dative form of the plural "die", changes it to "den". "Meine" follows the same way, changing to "meinen".


    I see there is no way to say "with my parent" in German as die Eltern is the plural form. Am I correct about this - if you want to refer a single parent, you need to say Mutter or Vater? I find no word for "parent" singular.


    Referring to a father, Der Elter. For a mother, das Elter.


    So is "eltern" dative because of "mit"?


    aus, bei, mit, nach, zeit, von, zu are always dative prepositions.


    Meinem is just a possessive pronoun; What in this question is in the dative case?


    "Meinen Eltern" is in the dative case. As nathanjohnson83 states above, use of "mit" always triggers the dative. To show the dative you put an ending on "mein". Out of all the options for endings (mien, meine, mienen, meinem, meiner, meines), the correct ending for dative plural is "meinen". http://german.morley-computing.co.uk/mein.php


    The verb is implicit. Is this correct in German? The English translation is an incomplete sentence. This only works in conversation, not writing.


    Please tell me when to use meinen, meiner etc.?


    why is it meinen and not meinem?

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