"This side is Germany, that side is France."

Translation:Bu taraf Almanya, o taraf Fransa.

January 4, 2016

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I put ' Bu tarafta Alemanya, o tarafta Fransa' Why is this not correct?


I am guilty of the same mistake and would appreciate it if someone explained how this changed my sentence. Thanks


Bu tarafta Almanya would be "on this side"


Could someone please advise on the meaning of 'yan' used in this sentence?


You cannot say "Bu yan Almanya, o yan Fransa." because yan means the area around or next to something. So it cannot be a part of something or inside something. Taraf on the other hand means more like an area or a region so it can be both inside and outside something.

Türkiye'nin doğu tarafı - the eastern side of Turkey (the inside or the outside of Turkey)
Türkiye'nin doğu yanı - the eastern side of Turkey (only the outside of Turkey, not inside of it)

P.S. Taraf also means direction so this sentence also translates to 'This way is Germany, that way is France.'


You actually just reminded me of that, which I had forgotten since moving back to the states. Thank you! :)


"yan" and "taraf" are the same (however, "yan" is also used to mean the physical side of your body. "taraf" could be used like this, but it might sound a little strange.)


i put in exactly the right answer, but i am told it was wrong - ??


This will sometimes happen if your internet connect is slow.... If there is a long pause, and then a correct answer is marked wrong, this is probably what happened and you can try the same answer again :-)

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