"Sprzedaję metalowe i plastikowe rzeczy."

Translation:I am selling metal and plastic things.

January 4, 2016

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What is wrong with "I am selling metal and plastic objects." ?


I think that would be “Sprzedaję metalowe i plastikowe przedmioty.” Polish seems to make a strong distinction between “przedmiot” (object/item) and “rzecz” (thing). At least, the lessons here don't treat them as interchangeable.


Does this mean the person is selling things that are made of metal and things that are made of plastic or only selling things that are made both of metal and plastic? Is that a way to distinguish that?


it is the person is selling things that are made of metal and things that are made of plastic (it is more like "I sell metal things and plastic things")

I have no idea how to translate only selling things that are made both of metal and plastic, You could say "Sprzedają rzeczy zrobione z metalu i plastiku", which is literal translation of I am selling things made of metal and plastic, with the same ambiguity.


Or better: "Sprzedaję metalowo-plastikowe rzeczy".


Sprzedaje rzeczy metalowe (i tylko metalowe) i też rzeczy plastikowe (i tylko plastikowe). Są może reczy z obu materiałów ale nie tylko


Seems like you could try and say 'things made of both matel and plastic'? This is how we'd get round the ambiguity in English :)


Is there a difference between "selling things" and "selling stuff"? I am not a native English speaker, so I'm not sure if duolingo is missing a valid translation, or there is a subtle difference that I don't get.


I'm a native speaker of English (AU). The two words have slightly different nuances. "Stuff" can show less respect to the objects (your stuff is all over the floor), or be used to refer to something that isn't countable (you've got stuff all over your face), or is a less formal term (I do stuff on weekends).

Really, though, the two words are very similar. You should use "things" if possible, though, because "stuff" is one of the things that we're taught not to say in school.


Native speaker (US). Things and stuff are both informal, stuff is a bit more casual, slangy, and informal. Stuff isn't rude, just casual.


I had the same reaction, I think things and stuff are used in slightly different contexts in english. The question is more : is there a polish word for "stuff". If not, I guess it should be accepted, otherwise it's normal that it's not


Why isn't "I sell things made of metal and plastic" right when "I sell things made of metal and of plastic" and "I am selling things made of metal and plastic" are?


I thought sprzedawać required the Dative case. Metalowe and plastikowe are not dative.


Sprzedawać uses the dative for the indirect object, and accusative for the direct one:

Ona sprzedaje mu samochód. She sells him a car.


I really don't like this translation. This sentence doesn't flow right.


for example scissors?


What is the distinction between "platikowe" and "plastyczne"?


I will give these words in masculine form (commonly used in dictionaries)
plastikowy, rarely plastykowy - made out of plastic (material)
plastyczny - quality of something that can be molded, is malleable, flexible; or when one speaks about arts: something that has connection to works of painters, sculptors, illustrators (but not with music, literature etc)


Why -owe ? I have checked in my a grammar page and i haven t found it. What is the grammar rule please ?


The direct translation is "I am selling metal things and plastic things." yet it counts this wrong. The proposed answer "... things made of metal and plastic" would be said differebtly in polish. I want my heart refund! :)


We just changed the main English sentence to "metal and plastic things" yesterday, but it has always been accepted.

As for "metal things and plastic things", I really don't know if there's a reason to repeat "things"...


Could "metal and plastic goods" be acceptable?


"Goods" = towary, artykuły. It's true that it makes sense in the 'selling' context, but the Polish sentence used a very simple and very general word "rzeczy" = "things", so I guess "goods" are too far and too specific.


is the r in rzeczy silent?


No, "rz" and "ż" represent the same sound /ʐ/.


Why not "I am sell metal and plastic things“


Because if you have 'am' in there then you need 'selling'. If you took the am out it would be fine.


Can I say "I am selling metalic and plasic items"?


Yes, that would be accepted (but you have typos in 'metallic' and 'plastic').


So are the knives and things animate?


The notion of something being grammatically 'animate' only matters for Accusative of masculine singular nouns. We have plural nouns here, so it doesn't matter.

Singular "nóż" - apart from maybe colloquial language, I wouldn't treat is as animate.

Singular "rzecz" - despite ending with a consonant, it's actually a feminine noun, it's an exception. So there's no notion of 'animacy' here anyway.


Why is "I sell" wrong?


It's listed as accepted, it should have worked. Luckily you reported your answer (thanks!) and I'm afraid it says "mastic" instead of "plastic".


Czy mogę odpowiedzieć "I am selling things of metal and plastic"?


"made of" byłoby ok, ale samo "of" - nie sądzę.

"made of" would be ok, but just "of" - I don't think so.


may i know what case is this? and why the ending is owe? dziekuje


"metalowe" and "plastikowe" are adjectives, nonvirile (they are plural but they do not describe male people). The case is Accusative, as the whole phrase 'metal and plastic things' is a direct object of "sprzedawać".

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