"Mój tata tu jest."

Translation:My dad is here.

January 4, 2016

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Is it usually the sentence structure, that "tu" comes before the verb? (I'm asking because I would have said "Mój tata jest tutaj")


I have the feeling that "tu" must come before "jest". Am I right? Is there a rule to that?


jest tutaj and tu jest are both correct.


Are those the only 2 forms of "here"? (And if "here" comes before "być" it is always tu, and if ir comes after, it is always tutaj?)


I wrote "jest tutaj" instead of "jest tu" because "tu" is a short version of "tutaj" (there are many words like that in Polish, for example "mi" and "mnie", "się" and "siebie", "ci" and "tobie" etc.). Tutaj is longer, then the accent goes there and you can emphasise the fact that you are HERE (not there). "Jestem tu" - in this sentence the accent goes into the second word but "tu" is very short, so you should use "tutaj". In other case it would sound unnatural for Polish speakers. Of course, it's not very important but if you want to speak Polish perfectly, then remember about it.

The same goes with other words, for instance:

  • Kocham cię. = I love you.
  • Kocham ciebie, nie ją. = I love you, not her.
  • Ciebie kocham, nie ją! = It's you whom I love, not her!

Cię kocham is incorrect.

And yes, tutaj and tu are the only 2 forms of here. There are no more. :)

To make it easier, look at it:

  • Jestem tutaj. (I am here.)
  • Tutaj jestem, nie tam! (I am here, not there!)
  • Tu jestem! (I am here!)


Where would the negative go in, "My dad is not here."? Would it be "Mój tata tu nie jest."?


It's not exactly wrong, but it sounds strange to me. Generally, for 'not being somewhere' Polish uses a completely different construction. "Mojego taty tu nie ma"/"Nie ma tu mojego taty". So "my dad" takes Genitive, and there rest of the sentence would be literally translated as "There has not... here". Which sounds absurd from the point of view of English, but that's how it works in Polish.


Like in russian...


Actually, this particular sentence is quite different from Russian.

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