"I like to drink coffee in the morning."

Translation:Lubię pić kawę rano.

January 4, 2016

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Would "Rano lubię pić kawę" also be correct, or is this not a natural way of saying it?

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Those two can be interpreted slightly differently:

"Rano lubię pić kawę." is an answer to a question about morning schedule: "Co lubisz robić rano?"

"Lubię pić kawę rano." is an answer to a question about coffee schedule: "Kiedy lubisz pić kawę?"

I'm not sure if English distinguishes those.

Of course, those differences are very subtle and not that important in most situations.


vytah, you are right, but IMO the problem is not that easy :)

I love to drink coffee in the morning so I couldn't go without deep answer to such as important question (LOL)

"Kiedy lubisz pić kawę?" I would answer: "Kawę lubię pić rano" or "Rano lubię pić kawę" (in both answers stressing "rano").

"Co lubisz robić rano?" I would say "Rano lubię pić kawę" (stressing "kawę").

Personally I would answer "(Tak,) lubię pić kawę rano" (stressing "lubię") but only when being asked "Lubisz pić kawę rano?".

"Lubię pić rano/rankiem kawę" would be just a common statement that I like to drink coffee in the morning. Or "Lubię pić kawę o poranku".

BUT, from the other side, sentences: "Lubię pić kawę rano/rankiem" and "Lubię pić o poranku kawę" are IMO unnatural and a bit weird :)

Hope it helps :)


Thanks, that's very helpful. So emphasis is on the last word in this case, which I've heard before but getting another example is helpful.

So even though emphasis is slightly different, both translations should be correct.


I thought time periods such as "in the evening" or "in the morning" were put in the instrumental like "wieczorem"?


"Wieczorem" and "rano" are adverbs just like English "tomorrow".


Shouldn't "Lubię pić kawę o poranku" be accepted too? "Rano" is more common, but "o poranku" is right as well. "Rankiem" is right too, but I haven't checked if Duo accepts that answer.

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