"Can you see this color?"

Translation:Ти можеш бачити цей колір?

January 4, 2016

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As a native Ukrainian, I would never say it like this. I would rather say "Ти бачиш цей колір?" ("Do/can you see this color?") or "Ти розрізняєш цей колір?" ("Can you distinguish this color?").


I don't know which skill or lesson this from but it might be trying to introduce можеш. Also, can you tell me what the infinitive of можеш is? I forgot :P


I agree, we don't use "can" exactly like in English. This Ukrainian sentence would mean something along the lines of "are you able to see (capable of seeing) this color?"


Це речення вказує на змогу бачити колір, але відповідь зі словом побачити не є невірною!

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