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"This is cheese, and this is sandwich with cheese."

Translation:Це сир, а це бутерброд з сиром.

January 4, 2016



Nope. "Бутерброд" is not necessarily a sandwich. It's often one piece of bread with stuff on top. A sandwich has two pieces of bread. It's called "сендвіч".


How would you translate 'бутерброд' than? 'one piece of bread with stuff on top'? :)


It can also be a sandwich. Basically, "бутерброд" is traditionally made with one piece of bread, but some people nowadays make it with two pieces.

I was just really angry that it didn't accept "сендвіч". It's used to specifically denote that there are two pieces of bread.

There is no such cultural thing as "бутерброд" in the US (don't know about UK or Australia), so if I had to explain that there is no second piece of bread I would give a long explanation. The closest thing I can think of is a canapé, but that's still not exactly a piece of bread with stuff on top.

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