I have made an assignments for my students. They received the email, but when they click through it is a blank page with the headings. There are no Duolingo activities? Am I doing something wrong?

January 4, 2016


That is odd, is this happening to all your students? Is it possible they have their Duolingo set to another language, or that they are logged out when they click on it?

It happened to three that I had check. Another student said that the instructions said they hadn't reached that point, but I thought that was the purpose of the assignment... and that it did not matter if they had completed everything up to that page. I did not see this student's computer screen.

Is there a preferred browser? Chrome?

The student needs to unlock everything before that skill. Duolingo cannot let a student "bypass" skills as each skill is built on previous lessons and word exposure. The email instructions should tell them what skills they are missing and still need to complete though. Does that seem to be the case?

I will look in my next class. So I can't assign an "assignment" until everyone has at least completed that far. For example, I wanted them to practice "gerunds" of the lessons, but they won't be able to do it if they haven't reached that point? The assignment tool won't be very useful then, I don't think....unless I am not understanding how it is supposed to be used!

The idea is that a teacher would use it if they would like all their students to be at the same point. Some students may not understand "gerund" for example, if they don't know "basics 2". At least the Duolingo gerund exercises, as they include many terms previously introduced in earlier lessons. A student, in order to complete gerund, would therefore need to complete the previous skills. So the assignment is to reach and complete the assigned skill, as this is the way the Duolingo system is set up to work. Each student gets an email explaining which skills they need to complete in order to reach the assigned skill.

If your students are at very different levels, I recommend you give the XP challenge a try. 20XP from where they are will encourage them all to advance at their own level. Or assign skills some students have already done but that isn't too far for the others who haven't caught up yet (meaning, having to do about 3 skills to catch up to the class isn't so bad depending on context/age). Students who have already done it will receive an email encouraging them to practice again.

I hope this helps a little! :]

Thanks. I've essentially been doing that, but this will be another way to assign it! Thanks for your input.

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