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  5. Krank werden (to become sick)


Krank werden (to become sick)

Hi there, I was wondering how to say "I got sick from food poisoning". would you say "Ich wurde krank wegen Lebensmittelvergiftung" or "Ich wurde wegen Lebensmittelvergiftung krank"? Thanks

June 2, 2012



Ich wurde durch Lebensmittelvergiftung krank


Neither. You simply say "Ich hatte eine Lebensmittelvergiftung."


@Holofect: Your sentence is correct. However, most Germans would not use it. 'Eine Lebensmittelvergiftung machte mich krank' is more idiomatic but Silberwoelfin's solution is even better. I'm not sure about the English usage of 'food poisoning'. Does it refer to a condition of the food or to the illness itself. In German, 'Lebensmittelvergiftung' describes the state of the body not the food. So, 'eine Lebensmittelvergiftung machte mich krank' is a bit awkward since 'Vergiftung' already implies the illness.


Thank you for all your answers. Food poisoning in English also refers to a bodily state rather than the food itself.


If you want to state the food being bad, so that it causes a food poisoning, in German you use the adjective "verdorben": "verdorbenes Fleisch/verdorbener Fisch" or generally: "verdorbenes Essen".

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