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  5. "Ви граєте у бейсбол?"

"Ви граєте у бейсбол?"

Translation:Do you play baseball?

January 4, 2016



It's safe to assume that no Ukrainian plays baseball.


There are a few teams in big cities, but mainly you're correct, it's not an awfully popular activity in Ukraine.


There are teams for basically anything in big cities. But if you stop a person in the street and ask them the rules for baseball, they will probably scratch their head and come up with something like "Erm... They use a bat, right?"

At schools, children mainly play football (what Americans call "soccer"), basketball or volleyball.


I was merely trying to point out that there are indeed Ukrainians who do play baseball :)

There are many Americans who have no clue about baseball rules or express interest in the game ;)


Yes, but I doubt there are any Americans who haven't played baseball, unless they were disabled as a child.

I don't care for baseball but played it on both the east and west coasts growing up because I had to in school and our neighborhood and church(on both coasts) played baseball together.


i know a few people myself who never did play it. Lately, it seems that soccer is taking over (and video games :) )


My comment was about probability :)


Yeah I get that,but 'no Ukrainian' seems overly exclusive don't you think ?


Can't reply to your other comment, so replying here. "Safe to assume that no Ukrainian plays baseball" is about an assumption, a model if you wish. It is not an exclusive statement because I specifically stated it was an assumption for nitpickers :)


I realize that 'safe to assume' gives you a bit of wiggle room but I would still argue about 'no Ukrainian' part and the meaning it carries to the best of my understanding . I would've used 'very few' or 'barely any'. But I guess we could agree to disagree ;)


Regardless of the popularity, is there a way to say "Are you playing baseball?" Duo marks this wrong.

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