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  5. "Ты пьёшь чай или молоко?"

"Ты пьёшь чай или молоко?"

Translation:Do you drink tea or milk?

January 4, 2016



"Are you drinking tea or milk?" seems a good translation to me.


Also it was accepting questions without "do" for other lessons... I didn't even have to enter the "?"... Guess I won't report "you drink tea or coffee"


Both. Both is good.


Not tea -Thor Odinson


Could this be interpreted as an inclusive or exclusive "or"? Or is it just one of them?

"Do you drink (either) tea or milk?" is answerable with "yes" or "no".

"Do you drink tea or (do you drink) milk?" is answerable with "tea" or "milk" or "either" or "neither".


"You drink tea or milk?" is a question I tried, but it was considered wrong. Does it look off to other people or should I report it next time?


Actually, the voice has falling intonation on молоко, so it could be taken as a statement.


It perhaps isn't quite the same, at the very least it's quite a bit less formal but it's also a ты sentence so maybe that's OK. A native speaker might well say it this way, I'd say it should be accepted.


If you're British, that's not an either/or question.


One or the other, make your choice.


STOP count it as mistake if i forget to write an article ..its terrible


There are no articles in either the Russian or suggested English version, bostonko1. What did you write as a solution?


regarding this concrete sentence ..If I translate it as - do you drink a tea or a milk?...its counted as a mistake ..and another sentence- do you drink tea or milk? is again wrong because of missing article ..


We don't use articles in this kind of sentence, so your first sentence is wrong. "Do you drink tea or milk?" is absolutely correct, and is, moreover, the suggested translation, so if it's not accepted then something's gone badly wrong and you should report it.

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