"Dziewczynka myśli o koniu."

Translation:The girl is thinking about the horse.

January 4, 2016

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...if u know, what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Man, you are a pervert =)


A girl is musing about a horse


Is 'meditating on' a horse? Seems a bit too much...


I know, that you speak Russian. Try to explain it in my native language. "Musing about" – "размышлять о чём-то". ))


Oh, "rozmyśla" :)


Hi, just out of curiosity, what about "thinking of a horse" instead of "about"?


That works as well.


I suppose it would be wrong to insert the presumptive 'her' here-'thinking about her horse'?


Yes, this seems too much, not many people have horses. Well, even with a dog it would seem like too much of a presumption to me.


Same thing here - I wrote "the girl thinks about her horse" and it was marked wrong, and once again I wonder if the "her" is not more necessary in English than it is in Polish?


In contrast to the sentence about cats, this at least uses singular, but I think it's so uncommon for people to own horses nowadays that I wouldn't accept "her horse" for just "o koniu".

Although, frankly, "o kocie" and "o psie" also don't immediately suggest "about her cat"/"about her dog" to me... maybe it's because family members are something that most people have, but pets, although relatively common, are not on the same level? There isn't exactly a rule to that, you know.


Isn't "her" implicit here?


Here? Well, compared to let's say "Dziewczynka myśli o bracie" = (her) brother, not really. Not many people own a horse, so "the horse" seems more likely than "her horse". Still, I guess it won't hurt to accept it.


I think the reason "her" feels implicit in English is because when people think about 'horses' in general, they think about them in the plural ('think about horseS'). When we think about a singular horse, we tend to think of a horse we know/own. "She's thinking about a horse" is just strange because which horse is thinking about? There are very few horses known enough for a non-horse-owner to be thinking about it. It's not impossible but seems implausible to the average person. Just my 2 cents :)


... and the horse is thinking about the girl


The girl is thinking about a horse Correct solution: Dziewczynka myśli o koniu. Meaning: The girl is thinking about the horse. I can't understand why it was wrong.


"The girl is thinking about a horse" and "The girl is thinking about the horse" are both correct and accepted.

So if I understand correctly and "The girl is thinking about a horse" was rejected for you, the most likely reason is that you made a typo somewhere and didn't notice. Although of course there is some possibility that it was a bug.

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