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  5. "They sleep without him."

"They sleep without him."

Translation:One śpią bez niego.

January 5, 2016



What is the difference between jego and niego?


After a preposition, you must use niego (all third person pronouns have a variant starting with n- in all cases except for nominative, and that variant has to be used after prepositions).

You use jego at the beginning of a sentence, or when you want to contrast between jego and something else. You also use jego as a possesive, a preposition doesn't modify it then.

In almost all other situations you use go.

Another similar three-form example is niemu/jemu/mu, dative of on/ono.


According to wikipedia we use niego/niemu/nim and niej/nią after prepositions. also jego/ jej can mean his/her while niego/niej is always declination of on/ona


Thanks for your comments very helpful :)


I see that on wikipedia there is a short form for the masculine singular personal pronoun (-ń) that can be suffixed to prepositions, however, the article does not say when you can or cannot do this. Can someone please explain this?


Forma „-ń” to krótka forma poprzyimkowa – tylko rodzaju męskiego. Piszemy ją zawsze łącznie z przyimkiem, np. „doń”, „zeń”, „nań”.

So instead of "bez niego" you could theoretically write "bezeń", which would probably sound quite poetic. I actually had to check if this specific word is even correct. Such things are faaaaar from the scope of this course. Like, really advanced level of learning Polish as a foreign language.


I had the correct answers but they were marked as if wrong.


Was it the 'check all the correct answers' exercise? Did you check both of them? Some people only choose one in such a sentence.

Also, it might have just been a bug.


Why is "oni" not accepted, "they" does not specify that is can only be "one"

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