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How long did it take for you to pass A1 Danish test?

I heard that there are official Danish tests for immigrants in Denmark. I wonder how much it will take for me to pass A1 or A2 test. (I want to pass A1 in 4 months.) But I don't have much information. Could you share your experience? Thanks in advance.

2 years ago



I was an exchange student in Denmark for 5 months. I passed the A1 exam (it was only an oral exam) after attending a class for less than 3 months at my university there. The class was held only once a week and lasted around 3 hours or so, if I remember correctly. All my other exchange student friends passed it as well. However, I don't know if it was the official process which immigrants go through, maybe it was just easier for us because we were only learning for fun. This is just my experience, but I believe you can pass A1 in 4 months!

2 years ago

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I was doing A1 and A2 courses at my university here in germany. (please keep in mind I live in germany and this was a test here, I have no idea if it differs from tests in Denmark in difficulty) Anyways I started taking the course it's was always during semester (3 months) and it was A1.1 and A1.2 so entire A1 was held within 2 semesters. I did 1 exam for each one of them. I did the whole thing in 2 semesters. It was very easy to pass along with the education and books provided.

Right now I am taking the A2.1 course, I can let you know how that exam went after I have written it on the 10th january if you would like to know more about it.

Of course it mainly depends on your dedication and time you put into learning the language. I can say from my personal experience that you can get pretty far in learning danish within 1 year. Talking, understanding and writing isn't a huge barrier for me anymore.

2 years ago

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There are three language courses for immigrants, Danish 1, Danish 2 and Danish 3.

Danish 1 is for people who don't know the latin alphabet and have little schooling.

Danish 2 is for people who know the latin alphabet and who have vocational training or comprehensive school, but not gymnasium-level education (rough equivalent of high school in USA).

Danish 3 is for people with gymnasium-level education or higher, for example university students all go to this.

At least Sprogcentreum Hellerup, and possibly others, also have language courses for Scandinavians, who already speak fluent Swedish, Norwegian or Icelandic. They start midway of Danish 3, roughly, but have a different curriculum.

Each of these courses has 6 modules. You can find the equivalencies between the modules and the European framework here: http://sprogcenterhellerup.dk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Niveaumodel-2017.pdf (pdf file).

At least the first two modules of Danish 3 take some months, depending on your frequency of study.

For the Danish exams, see http://sprogcenterhellerup.dk/en/danish-examination-3/ and the links in the upper bar.

8 months ago


does anybody has the study material for a1 and a2 danish exams?

2 years ago