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  5. "Potrzebujemy książki."

"Potrzebujemy książki."

Translation:We need a book.

January 5, 2016



Ksiazki is referring to multiple books if I am not mistaken.... Therefore its saying that we need books.


Here, 'książki' is a genitive singular form (the verb 'potrzebować' connects with the genitive https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/potrzebować ).

'We need books' would be 'Potrzebujemy książek'.

For declension of 'książka' see e.g. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/książka


If I was to tell someone I wanted a single book, I would say "potrzebujem ksiazke". Its the way I learned it and calling a single book ksiazki just feels unnatural to me. But, I guess you learn something new everyday. Thanks! I appreciate the input/reply. Edit: Alrighty, I see the reasoning now but still looks unnatural to me! :P


'I need a book' = 'Potrzebuję książki'

You really need a genitive after 'potrzebować', so 'potrzebuję książkę' is incorrect.


It is a mistake commonly made by native speakers (using accusative instead of genitive after potrzebować). It does not mean it's right but it could be why David learnt it.


Isn't ksiazki the plural of books and if so why not accept it.


I'm afraid you began to make the same mistake all over again. So let me remind you: almost all feminine nouns have the three following forms identical: Genitive singular, Nominative plural, Accusative plural. The verb "potrzebować" takes Genitive. Therefore this instance of "książki" must be Genitive singular.

Genitive plural (We need books) is "książek". "Potrzebujemy książek".


Książki means more than one


We need a books? Wouldn't it work better with książka?


In a different chat someone put out this list of verbs that take genitive. It isn’t exhaustive, and I hope all of the information is correct! :) Enjoy!

bać się - to be afraid

brakować/ braknąć - to be missing, to be insufficient

chcieć - to want

dokonywać/ dokonać - to achieve

domagać się - to demand

dotyczyć - to apply to

dotykać/ dotknąć - to be touching/ to touch

doznawać/ doznać - to experience, to feel

lękać się, obawiać się - to be afraid

oczekiwać - to wait for

odmawiać/ odmówić - to refuse

pilnować - to guard

potrzebować - to need

pragnąć - to desire

próbować/ spróbować - to be trying/ to try

słuchać - to listen

spodziewać się - to expect

szukać/ poszukać - to look for

uczyć się/ nauczyć się - to study/to learn

udzielać/ udzielić - to grant

unikać/ uniknąć - to avoid

używać/ użyć - to be using/ to use

wymagać - to demand

wstydzić się - to be embarrassed

wystarczać/ wystarczyć - to be sufficient

zabraniać/ zabronić, zakazywać/ zakazać - to forbid

zapominać/ zapomnieć - to forget

zazdrościć - to envy

żałować - to regret


I guess it was ingrained in my formative years and is difficult to accept the change. We call that a bonehead. :-)

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