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  5. "Zegar i zegarek"

"Zegar i zegarek"

Translation:A clock and a watch

January 5, 2016



From my knowledge of Slavic I'm guessing -ek is a diminutive?


yes it's clock and small clock->watch


I can't help but think it as a "clock" and a "baby clock"... would you think this would be a good way to remember, even if it is a little incorrect?


Yeah, sure :) After all, zegarek is in fact a diminutive, even if it went on to become a separate word.


Why not "clock and WRISTWATCH"?


Because it would be - naręczny zegarek


Not really on subject, but adding -ek to the end of a word make is a cute, little word, right? Is it different for different genders? Sorry, but I couldn't find it on the Google and this seems like an acceptable place ask.


Simplifying, it would be -ek for masculine, -ka for feminine, and -ko for neuter... but that doesn't apply for all words.


Thanks for the help!


For the first time today a new format has come up while using Duolingo. It no longer shows the words that are coming up, and no longer gives the opportunity to test out of a lesson. Is this now the way the lessons will be presented? Did I go to a different part of the lesson? Don't know where else to ask these questions..


I believe this is what you're referring to: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26739837


I think it is the first time ever I think of a clock and a watch as two different objects even tho the purpose is the same for both.

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