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  5. "Makarna yiyelim mi?"

"Makarna yiyelim mi?"

Translation:Shall we eat pasta?

January 5, 2016



Is there a difference between this an "Why don't we...?"

[deactivated user]

    Yes,that would be ''Neden makarna yemiyoruz?''


    Literally, yes.

    But "Why don't we ...?" is also used as a suggestion, rather than literally inquiring after a reason.

    "How about eating pasta?" "What do you think about (eating) pasta?" "Why don't we eat pasta?" "Shall we eat pasta?" "Let's eat pasta!" are all more or less synonymous.


    Yes, the translations are too strict.

    And generally, do not allow for British English, where it is common to say "I/we shall" but this is not accepted as a correct answer and only "I/we will" is accepted.


    where's the 'we' in here?


    -(y)elim mi? is "shall we?" -- that ending is specific to "we".


    Thank you! I got that


    Hmm, i thought endings with im are usually 1st person singular, and plural involves a z or *k, depending on the tense. Haven't gone through too many tenses yet, however. Came across this question in a progression test.


    Is there a Turkish way to say "Shall I...."(i.e. a retorical question) For example: Shall I eat pasta? Or: Should I go home now?...Or: Should I take my medicine?


    Yes, you could ask your father, if you should throw out the trash for example:

    "Çöpü atayım mı?"


    does the "e" in "yemek" always change into "i" when connected to suffixes ?


    Only if the suffix starts with y-, I believe, so you have e.g. future yiyecek and present continuous yiyor but past yedim and passive yenir.


    Why not are we eating pasta i dont understand


    Because -elim does not mean "we are ...ing"; it means "let's ...!" in a statement and "shall we ...?" in a question.

    "We are eating pasta." would be Makarna yiyoruz.


    I wonder why the mı is after the verb here. After "makarna" (which was not accepted) I would expect it to mean "shall we eat pasta?" (As opposed the strawberries or hats) and i would expect that after the verb it would mean "shall we eat pasta?" (As opposed to using the pasta to make art projects, for example....) obviously I am wrong, değil mi? But I don't know why.

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