"Port jest po lewej stronie."

Translation:The port is on the left side.

January 5, 2016

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Port=left side of a ship... How would one say that in Polish? Surely it is not the same word, but I couldn't help but think of it when I read this sentence :)


According to wikipedia (https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burta_(statek_wodny) ):

port = lewa burta / bakburta

starboard = prawa burta / sterburta


Funny, i was picturing a bottle of fortified wine on a table. Probably a different word for that too


Agree with NeldeParis, the hints are unclear, leaving nautically-minded ppl to submit w/o the article. :)


Can na be used in place of po?


I'd say that "na lewej stronie" could sometimes be literally "on the left side of something", but not when it's "on the left side from where you are/will be".


I used 'port' without an article because when on a ship, one does not use an article (one steers to port or to starboard - it's a direction, not a particular port on the shore).

I'm confused because I assumed that the speaker is stating the rule: when looking toward the bow of a ship, port is on the left side and starboard is on the right. So I put in, 'Port is on the left side' and got, 'You need an article' and the answer 'A port is on the left side.' I came here to see if others had the same confusion and see that the answer given here is 'THE port is on the left side.'

'Port is on the left side' - means 'port is on the left side of a ship' (and starboard is on the right side of a ship when facing toward the bow.) This is a well-known rule, even to non-sailors.

'A port is on the left side' - Some unidentified port is on the left side of something, not necessarily a ship. (A port is on the left side of the fish cannery,'' for example.)

'The port is on the left side' - some port, known to speaker and listener, is on the left side of some thing, also known to the speaker and listener.

I submit that all three of those answers should be counted as correct.


You are assuming that the left-side of a ship is called "Port" in Polish. According to tadjanow's comment at the top-but-one of this comment page, that is not the case.


So learn from your mistake and move on. The Polish word port refers to a coastal port.


I am also quite surprised by the assumption that a course teaching basic Polish would suddenly throw nautical vocabulary in the mix ;)


Interestingly, the word "strona" is also used for a page in a book, or perhaps more usefully, a page on a website. CF German "Seite".


hint for stronie reads side (instr.) page (loc.) . The former is wrong surely?


Yeah, totally. Fixed now, thanks.


What case does 'po' use here please?


That would be Locative...

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