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"Speaking" Partners?

I'm currently re-learning Polish (was my first language as a kid, but I was dumb and forgot how to speak most of it).

I was curious if anyone on here has had a "speaking" partner that they called, Skyped, etc. a few times a week to practice their speaking ability?

I'm starting off with the basics, and I'm going to stay committed! But it would be nice if there was someone that could help keep each other accountable while also practicing the speech part of the Polish language.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Let me know, thanks!

January 5, 2016



Yes, I actually talk to Polish people on skype, an app on my phone called HelloTalk, as well as on google hangouts I go to a group video chat on Fridays for Slavic languages. The host is Polish so I talk to him in Polish as well as to my Serbian friend since she teaches me Serbian as well. I also attend this man' s multilingual hangout to practice Polish even more and practice Serbian. I find that since I have trouble making sentence in my head I rely more on English, but little by little I notice myself being able to hold even just 5 minute conversations in Polish each time.


Thanks for your feedback!

Now, with that being said...anyone interested in starting something similar to the comment above?


And what is your native language?


English is my native language, but Polish was my first language. I unfortunately lost it as a kid :(


Polish is my native language and I'm learning English. We can teach each other if you want. :)


I've just got HelloTalk. Great app! My nickname: Matt91


That would be great, man! Let's figure this out for sure.

Are you on HelloSpeak? Skype?


I can't find your name on HellTalk :/ just add me: elliottrejo

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