"Pamiętasz swój pierwszy dzień w szkole?"

Translation:Do you remember your first day at school?

January 5, 2016

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"Do you remember your first day of school?" is better in American English.

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You can say "Pamiętasz swój pierwszy dzień szkoły?"

I'm not going to answer whether it means exactly the same as the original sentence though.


Why swój and not twój? I thought swój was for his/her/its


No no no. his = jego, her = jej, its = jego.

"swój" is the 'special' word that can be used for every grammatical person. So it can be 'my', it can be 'your', it can be 'his', it can be 'their'... it always points back at the subject of the sentence. So here, as the subject is "you" (do you remember), it means "your". If the sentence was "Pamiętam swój" (I remember), then it would mean "my".

It's better to use "swój" whenever it's correct.

In 1st person, both singular 'mój' and plural 'nasz' seem quite okay, even if 'swój' could be used.

In 2nd person, singular 'twój' and plural 'wasz' sound rather... well, clumsy. It's correct, accepted, but clumsy.

In 3rd person, using the 'normal' pronouns suggests that they refer to a different person than the subject. So for example "Adam pamięta jego samochód" is more likely to mean "Adam remembers John's car" than "Adam remembers his own car". So it's also better to use "swój" if you mean 'his own car'.


That s clear in case of 3rd person, but i do not really get when to use swój instead of mój, Twój, .... Could u pls explain it?


Why not, "Remember your first day of school?" That is how I would say it. You is not necessary because of the context, just like in Polish.


DL didn't accept this answer


It makes sense to me, added it.


Recall? Your first day.


I can't understand why it is not "pamiętać + B." here...


By B. you mean biernik, so Accusative? It is. "dzień" is a masculine inanimate noun, which is one of the categories for which Accusative looks identical to Nominative.

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