"Я знаю, тому що я був на Півночі."

Translation:I know because I was in the North.

January 5, 2016

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audio says something along the line of "ці жінкі працювали на півночі" ... може ти знаєш де працювали жінкі тому що там бив?

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    Actually, the audio says «Ці жінки праціювали на Півдні» 'These women worked in the South'. ^^' But yes, this is a problem to be fixed. Hopefully Ukrainian course contributors will find some time to sort these problems out.


    It's 2017, and they still haven't fixed it.


    Yes, the audio is completely wrong here. Please report.


    Please don't copy your reports into the comments.

    Right now the issue is fixed, but your comments are still up here cluttering the discussion.


    Why don’t they let mods edit/remove people’s comments?


    I can remove if it's a single comment.

    If it's a thread of comments, I can remove them too, but they will still be displayed with [delete].


    Unfortunate. Nevertheless, very exciting to see some improvements from Ukrainian courses.


    why is "i know it because i was in the north" wrong?


    Я знаю = I know. тому що = because. я був = I was. на = on/in. Півночі = north. The translation is direct. "Я знаю, тому що я був на Півночі" literally means "I know, because I was in the north" (it be the English grammar)

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