"Де сир? Я не їм піцу без сиру!"

Translation:Where is the cheese? I do not eat pizza without cheese!

January 5, 2016

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"Where is cheese?" does not sound right. It should be "Where is the cheese?"


Changed to "where is the cheese", thanks for the comment and the reports!


I concur. "where is the cheese" would be correct.


It's under the sauce


''Where is the cheese? I do not eat pizza without cheese!'' I do understand why there is using "the cheese" in the 1st part. but i do not understand why "cheese" in the 2rd part is not followed with "THE" if whe do have specified it in the 1st part?


I think Duo should not be strict about articles that don't exist in the language it's teaching. But this might make it clearer: "Where is the cheese [specifically for this particular pizza]? I do not eat pizza [in general] without cheese [in general]? The person wants to know why the pizza in front of them doesn't have cheese, which they expected it to have. They state that they do not eat any pizza at all that doesn't have cheese.

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