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I did it!!!

I finished my tree, completely golden, just in the nick of time! Alas, still only 57% fluent. That first 50% came easy, but since then it's slow going. I'd love to be able to write that I'm fluent in Spanish on my resume by late March. Of course things are about to get busy, so that is probably a pipe dream. But any suggestions for taking me the rest of the way?

Currently, I'm reading a YA novel in Spanish on my kindle. I started when I started Duolingo, but had only made it to page three as of last week. Things are going better now (if I'm too tired/annoyed to keep looking things up, I can now get the gist of the text without). But I'm still working on chapter one. So I think number one is to continue with that, and look up words I don't know when time allows.

I saw some people here suggesting Memrise, so I started playing that last night. It isn't as fun as Duolingo, and is pretty basic at this point, but I have learned some new words, so probably useful.

I've also found some YouTube videos to watch, which I despise, but think I should keep at, as distinguishing the sounds is probably my greatest challenge. And I've seen people recommend language transfer, so I've bookmarked that to try out. I've also seen a lot of people recommend doing the English from Spanish tree, so I'm thinking of giving that a shot.

One thing that I would really like to do, though maybe I'm not ready yet, is find a well educated native Spanish speaker with whom to exchange written work for editing. I would eventually like to become a good writer in Spanish. In English, I did this the easy way, by extensive reading, but I'm an adult now, and may never again (or at least not for a long, long time) be able to walk around non-stop with my nose in a book. So my Spanish writing skills are never going to catch up that way.

Anyway, any suggestions are very welcome! Gracias!

January 5, 2016



Sigh, well, I just took the placement test and only scored a 2.33. :( Guess I should be doing a lot more practicing.


Finish your tree is the beginning (the first step), do the timed and without timer practice when you review the units. ¡Suerte con tu aprendizaje! (Luck with your learning!)


Just as pablo_nqn says.

Use the test to see how much you will have improved the next time you take it.


deberias escribirlo en español para que te aconstumbres LOL


Congratulations!!! Great finish. Don't pay attention to the "fluency" figure. It does not go above 55-60% anyway, nowadays.

These are good for listening at first Destinos and Nuevos Destinos; for the latter use the little "VoD" buttons at the bottom.

What book are you reading?


La Seleccion, de Kiera Cass. Es un libro para las estudiantes de media escuela, pero es un comienzo. El libro es sobre una senorita de media clase. Ella entra un concurso a conocer un soltero principe, a pesar de que ella quiere otro hombre, porque su madre lo desea a ella ser una reina.




¡Enhorabuena por tu logro! ¡Ánimo con el resto del camino! :)


congrats girl!!! keep it up!

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