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I'm sure others have suggested this, but I would be glad of a way to help support Duolingo, especially considering all of the amazing presents that they are giving us. According to http://www.forbes.com/sites/parmyolson/2013/09/25/duolingo-takes-online-teaching-to-next-level-by-crowd-sourcing-new-languages/, Luis said that running DL costs around $500,000 a month. I don't know how much money they take in, but I doubt it's as much as I think they deserve for running such an amazing site.

December 13, 2013



That is very considerate of you! The awesome news is, is that we are already supporting Duolingo when we improve our language skills and give back by helping to translate their commercial articles. (DL has a contract with both CNN and Buzzfeed right now. That is how they pay to keep the website open and free for us.) So, what we can do to support the website is to keep improving and keep giving back. The better our translations, the more contracts for Duolingo :D

PS For those who don't yet know, there Immersion Community Guidelines located here: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/984423 Following these guidelines will help improve your Immersion translations, even if you've already finished your tree!

December 13, 2013


I never use immersion because I feel it gives a disproportionate amount of points for the words translated. I don't really give back to the site like other users who do use it. I would definitely donate if they had a donation section. I could probably put it down on my taxes, too. Lol.

December 13, 2013


I think it would be great if you had a paypal we could donate to....

December 29, 2013


Duolingo is pretty awesome the way it is, maybe one of the best online learning platforms that I've found. I've love to contribute, but my preferred interface is the iOS iPad app, and that doesn't even support the translation module.

November 26, 2014


great idea some would love to repay

December 13, 2013


There is another point: what if Duolingo runs out of money? I don't believe it is profitable at the moment. A donate button would be great! Or you could try crowdfunding for popular learning requests, e. g. to design faster courses of Chinese / Arabic / Russian for English speakers.

February 3, 2014


Hi OlegGusev,

Unless Duolingo Staff officially put a donate button on this website, please do not donate money to any sort of "Duolingo Donate Fund" because it will be a scam. And also please do not try to create a donation fund for Duolingo either because you could end up in some legal trouble, as you are not an official representative of Duolingo. Right now, Duolingo has some steady contracts with both CNN and Buzzfeed (and possibly other folks), thanks to people who are translating articles in Immersion. It is enough to keep this website and the Apps going and to pay the 30 staff members (mods are volunteers, so we aren't part of that 30). If there ever is a problem with the cash, I'm sure that Luis et. al. will make an official announcement on this website. Thank you for caring about Duolingo. This is a great community and has some very awesome learning tools. There are good, smart people at the helm too. They will do what is needed to keep Duolingo around. ^_^

February 3, 2014


Yeah good idea

November 4, 2015


Hi Doulingo creators/developers/maintainers

<pre> Your software is aaaaawesome ! I would be happy to donate some money for you guys. I hope at some point you create such functionality. </pre>


Felipe Orellana Rovirosa

July 12, 2018
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