[suggestion] autofollow option for immersion

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In our settings, it would be nice to have an option to turn on/off autofollow immersion discussions (defaulting to off, of course) when we update or translate an article for the first time (the first time, because, if we turn it off and edit again later, then we probably don't want to follow that particular discussion.. that or have a "never follow" option too). This way those of us who want to follow all discussions on articles we translate can do so automatically.

4 years ago

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Completely agree, I would actually add that all articles we submit/upload could be automatically followed by its creator. I mean, if you upload something you should be slightly interested in it, at least enough to read up any discussions, if not then you can easily disable it.

Another idea would be to enable/disable this when we actually upload an article. In the upload page we could have a setting choosing to follow the whole article including all sentences and discussion. It would also be nice to have an opportunity to add a signature, a message giving some details about the formatting guidelines or something the uploader is using , e.g.:

Regional Language : UK;
Prefered format : date - MM-DD-YYYY; time - HH:MM:SS;
Extra notes : Report on whales.

The above message could automatically be added as the first entry in the immersion discussion.

4 years ago
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