"Ja wciąż pracuję jako lekarz."

Translation:I still work as a doctor.

January 5, 2016

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From Polish Foruns : (http://www.polishforums.com/language/jeszcze-wciaz-44481/)

jeszcze - YET (used with negative verbs) Nie zrobiłem jeszcze zadania domowego. – I haven't done my homework yet.

wciąż - STILL (up to a time, as in the preceding time)

The word "wciąż" implies "persevere" whereas "jeszcze" implies only "still". And so, by using "wciąż" you mean that you still (for example) "work there" and yet you are not endangared but at the same time you are not peculiarly happy about working there. If I used "jeszcze", I would mean that I am "working there" but I may (or may not) be on my way out, voluntarily or not.


And what about "nadal"?


In this sentence it's synonymous with 'wciąż' and therefore also accepted.

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    When is the proper time to use wciąż instead of jeszcze?


    I believe this is about whether the speaker expects the action to be finished. "Wciąż" would be for permanent stuff and "jeszcze" for temporary.


    What is hippopatomonstresesquippedailiophobia in Polish


    You misspelled it, try again :)

    But in Polish it's „hipopotomonstroseskwipedaliofobia”.


    "I'm still working as a doctor" is listed as an acceptable answer but "I still am working as a doctor" is not listed. It should be - I'm is a conjunction of I am and the placement of still is allowed in English.


    Added to the acceptable answers.


    wciąż means constantly or continually also


    the polish online translator says wciąż may also mean constantly - but I am being marked as wrong.


    1) most online translators are bad when it comes to the Slavic languages, because they're based on English-like grammar; 2) it would only be translated to "constantly" from a very, very specific context; 3) a lot of English words don't have their exact Polish equivalents, and a lot of Polish words don't have their exact English equivalent - which means that the best way to translate is to approximate the meaning; so, the online translators provide so many words as the possible translations in order to cover as many meanings of the word as possible - but the online translators can't reliably choose which of those words fits the best in a particular case, because they do not recognize context.


    wciąż/nadal/jeszcze - still

    ciągle/bez przerwy - continuously/constantly/without break


    "ciągle" can definitely mean "still" as well.

    "Ciągle tu jesteś?" = "Are you still here?"

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