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Duolingo won't finish loading?

Whenever I get to the end of a lesson and click continue to go to the screen where it tells you "congrats" and all that, that screen won't load. I click continue, and then right beside the word "duolingo" in the corner, there's one of those loading circles. It just keeps going around and around, and the screen won't load. This has happened several times, and I've been forced to reload the page which then erases my progress on that lesson, meaning I have to start all over.

Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?

December 13, 2013



I would try clearing your browser cache. If that doesn't work, then I would suggest moving this to the Troubleshooting section. You can do that by following these steps:

  1. Edit (And add your operating system and browser. For example, mine is Windows 7/Firefox)

  2. Click "Duolingo" in the editing window (it is a drop down menu)

  3. Select "Troubleshooting" from the menu

  4. Save

To find the Troubleshooting forum in the future, go to the main Discussion page, look to the right side, and scroll down until you see the little flags.

I think this link might also help you http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1254215 , as it has tips on where to find the various discussion areas on Duolingo.

Good luck! ^_^


6 years later and this problem still seems to exist... at least on my end. I´m using the chrome browser, and that only for duolingo. Does anyone have a solution for this loading error? It only occurs randomly, first i thought it´s because of a bad internet connection, but now it seems that it´s not. It only occurs on the practice lessons, not on ones that aren´t level 5s.


I disabled AdBlock in my browser and reloaded the page and it worked. try it!


Thank you! Sorry-- I'm kind of new here, and I've never really used the discussion section before.

I'll try your suggestions and see if I can get it fixed. Thanks!


That's very ok. We are all new at some point. It's a community here, so we can all pitch in and help each other out ^_^

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