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  5. "Das Verhältnis ist schlecht."

"Das Verhältnis ist schlecht."

Translation:The relationship is bad.

January 12, 2013



For once if you have a 'Verhältnis' you have an affair and if you have a 'Beziehung' it is a relationship (but in this case this pobably doesn't matter because the words can be used in different ways) in general When you talk about a Verhältnis to someone you talk about how things are between you or how you stand to each other in this case it wouldn't be as good to use Beziehung I'd say Beziehung is what you have with that person not so much how it is going or how you stand towards them I think eg Your Beziehung with your sister is that you are sibling Your Verhältnis towards your sister is good or bad


Here's the edited text for those OCD people like me:

For once if you have a 'Verhältnis', you have an affair, and if you have a 'Beziehung', it is a relationship in general (but in this case, this probably doesn't matter because the words can be used in different ways). When you talk about a Verhältnis to someone you talk about how things are between you or how you stand to each other, in this case it wouldn't be as good to use Beziehung. I'd say Beziehung is what you have with that person, not so much how it is going or how you stand towards them.

Eg. : Your Beziehung with your sister is that you are siblings.

Your Verhältnis towards your sister is whether it is good or bad.



Both Verhältnis and Beziehung can mean relationship.

However, Beziehung is often used to specify the type of relationship, i.e. how you are related, e.g. mother, sister, girlfriend, husband, wife...

Whereas Verhältnis is used (instead of Beziehung) to describe (rate) the relationship, e.g. good, bad, ok, getting better/worse etc.

But also, Verhältnis is more often used to describe a relationship as an affair, e.g. boyfriend and girlfriend.


--What is your Beziehung with her?

-My sister

--How is your Verhältnis with your sister?

-We get on really well.


For people who speak Spanish: Beziehung is like '¿Cuál es tu relación con ella?' and Verhältnis is like '¿Cómo te llevas con ella?'.


When you say affair, do you mean infidelity or an intimate relationship?


"Affair" has the meaning in English of "adulterous relationship".


Thanks for a clear explain :))).


I don't mean to be rude to the original writer of this comment, but thank you so much for the punctuation.


I really don't want to sound like a grammar snob, but I cannot parse that large punctuationless block of text after several attempts. Could someone clarify for me?


Begin reading after the "eg" at the end. It's a TL;DR.


For the love of life, edit in the full stops.


Why no full stops??? I can't comprehend where a sentence begins and ends! It took me three tries to figure out the first four lines! Please, add your punctuations!


I was gonna ask about this, thank you! :)


This makes a lot of sense, thanks


Excellent information! Thanks for the help!


Thank you very much!


Thanks for the explanation, otherwise I would still consider Verhaltnis something like network connection XD


Depending on the context "Verhältnis" also translates to "ratio", and in a sexual context it is a translation of "affair".


Look at the verb for behave, "sich verhalten" and the noun for "behavior" "das Verhalten" and the sense of "das Verhältnis" as behavior between people becomes clear.


How come "The proportion is bad" is marked as wrong? "Proportion" seems to be the first translation for Verhältnis, at least here> http://www.wordreference.com/deen/verh%C3%A4ltnis


Why can't Schlect mean "weak" here, as in idiomatic english (where relationships can be strong, shaky, etc.)?


Although you have the right idea, DuoLingo tends to only accept literal translations.


I thought "relationship" was "Beziehung". I'm soooooo confused right now!!!!!


Bezeihung is "relationship" in the sense of "connection." "What is the relationship between you and Anne?" (What is your connection) "She's my cousin."

Verhältnis is "relationship" in the sense of "condition." "How is your relationship with Anne?" (What are conditions like between you) "She hates me like poison."


This sounds like a good explanation to me.

I notice you say "What is" with Bezeihung and "How is" with Verhältnis. Is it similar in German?


This explanation should be moved to the top of the thread!


Thank you! Now I understand this! :)


Is it rare for words to end in 'nis' like this?


I usually draw a lot of similies to Swedish when practicing german, and I wonder if this sentence could be translated to mean "The conditions are bad" as well? Because that makes sense in my brain


I have seen it used that way in plural. Die Verhältnisse.


What is the difference between Verhältnis and Beziehung?


read Henniy's comment i think he's right


"Verhältnis" is a strange word to me. The dictionary hints on duo say "relationship," "affair," and "lady friend," which are all far from similes. I also saw in reading the discussion here various other translations, such as ratio/proportion. So in what situation would you use this term? Is it common? Help from a native speaker would be greatly appreciated.


and what is wrong with "That relationship is bad."


Can we translate "Verhältnis" as attitude? Verhältnis - attitude, Beziehung - relationship


Die Einstellung = the attitude.


was ist der Unterschied zwischen 'Verhaltnis', 'Verbindung' und 'Beziehung'?


"the relation is bad" should be accepted.


ditto. Also because it seems to me that I had already translated it with "relation" with the DL green approval !


"Relation" and "relationship" are used completely differently in English. "Relation" is a concrete noun referring to the objects of a "relationship" (or the "equation" that relates them). So saying, "The relation is bad" means that one of the people is a bad person, or that they are not inversely proportional (if it's a mathematical relation). If you want to talk about characteristics of the abstract object involved with all those relations, you have to say, "relationship". A relation is an object; a relationship is BETWEEN objects.


What about relation is bad?


Can Verhältnis also mean connection? If so can I use it to mean for example that my Internet connection is bad?


Verhältnis? there are parts in the words that someone can explain? rs


Could one say: Das verhältnis ist sauer. ?


Why is "the behaviour is bad" not accepted? Any thoughts?


I think you may be mixing up two words:

das Verhalten = the behaviour

das Verhältnis = the relationship


Why is "the relationship is spoiled" incorrect? It makes perfect sense!

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