"Можно суп и картошку?"

Translation:Can I have soup and potatoes?

January 5, 2016



Можно МНЕ суп и картошку?

February 7, 2017


This sentense implies можно (купить) суп и картошку?

June 20, 2016


Да,а как бы сказал это американец?

September 26, 2016


Isn't картошку the singular accusative for A (one) potato? So it should be can I have soup and "a potato", not soup and "potatoes". And if this "incorrect" grammar is fine because this is a "saying"... Then I don't think idioms should be introduced yet. What am I missing?

May 23, 2017


It isn't. Potatoes, cabbages, carrots, and onions are mass nouns in Russian.

May 23, 2017


Ahhh.... So there isn't really a plural so to speak. Kinda like water. So if I'm at a restaurant and ask for potatoes to eat, its singular. But, If I'm a worker loading cases of potatoes I would use plural... something like that?

Bye the way, thanks for taking the time to respond. I've learned a lot from the comments. There should be a donate button somewhere on this site... I'd certainly PayPal a few bucks. This is a great tool.

May 23, 2017


Give a few lingots ;) !

October 21, 2017


Я гружу мешок картошки - sounds like plural but actually it isn't. Plural might have sounded like Я гружу мешок картошек - but no one says that, it is wrong. But in this sentence I have a doubt because картошка - can be singular but it is very rare

November 2, 2018


My grandmother would have insisted that 'May I have soup and potatoes?' would be the proper grammar. Colloquially, 'can' is often used instead of 'may', but the purist would insist on the latter.

December 21, 2017


Is this literally translated to 'Is it possible to have soup and potatoes?' or 'Are soup and potatoes possible?' but is used the same way an English conversation would use 'Can I have soup and potatoes?'

November 15, 2018


Can I say: "Can I take..." instead of "Can I have..?" Thank you.

November 27, 2018


Translating this question from Russian to English REQUIRES that you correctly assume what the verb/infinitive is. Assuming is a dangerous thing and it usually produces bad results. Get a hint, Duolingo!

February 12, 2019
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