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Ability to assign a specific lesson in "skills"

So, I LOVE that it is now possible to assign either XP or a specific skill for homework. However, I teach 6th grade Spanish, and we move at a slower pace, and I assign one specific lesson for homework each day. Can you please make it possible to not only assign the entire skill set, but also to assign one specific lesson in the skill set?

For instance, I want to be able to assign Duolingo Animals Lesson 4.

January 5, 2016



Hi! Duolingo administrators (people who work for Duolingo) vary rarely check the forums. This means that your request is unlikely to get added. May I suggest that you contact an administrator(people with a blue ring around their profile picture) and maybe they will be able to provide further assistance. Even then, it is unlikely they will implement this request. You could always tell your students in class that they only have to do one lesson.

I hope this helps:)


Duolingo admins actually DO read all educator feedback and ideas and often make changes based on your suggestions here :)


Well I thought Finnish would be added a long time ago then:)


Great suggestion! We can think about adding an option to assign individual lessons as well, but in the meantime you may want to set a simple XP goal for a slower moving class. For example, you can create an assignment and ask your students to collect points (maybe 10 or 20 XP a week would work well for your case) instead of assigning a skill. If you ask your students to focus on moving forward through new material instead of practicing the old, you can also verify their activities under the activity view to check that they've earned their points by doing a new lesson.

We're eager to hear how this works out for your students!


Related to this, I was hoping to be able to pick lessons to match how I am progressing through things in my class, but I do things in a different order. As such, students have to complete quite a few lessons before they could finish the one I have assigned. Is there any way to get around the prerequisites?

I am using Duolingo as a supplement, rather than as a guide for my course.


The reason why this is tricky at the moment is because Duolingo's lessons build on its previous lessons/vocabulary. It is not built for that, although it does not mean it cannot be done.

For now, I can think of two ways that you can kind of get around it: one is doing the lesson together on a projector or smartboard (you can preview lessons in the "Language Curriculum" tab when you're in your classroom pages) and clicking on "Start sample lesson". The other alternative is to have students test out of certain skills, or "skip" to certain points in the tree. Like a shortcut. Assuming they know the necessary vocabulary up to that point, they should be able to do it in a few minutes and skip to somewhere further ahead (this is in case they didn't take the placement test when they first started out). You can still assign skills they skipped. This is what I can think of right now, I hope it helps a little. Let me know if anything is unclear. :]


That's a great point - I hadn't thought of advising them to try skipping by taking a test.


I also would LOVE to be able to assign random skills without the students having to do all the work in between. Some skills, such as verb tenses or vocabulary, are quite specific and don't always need all the previous lessons' learning. You are right - that wouldn't work for every lesson, in particular with beginning students. The teacher would most definitely have to preview the skill and perhaps do some background teaching. This is the one feature that I have been waiting for since Duolingo came out.


We are looking into the possibilities, thanks for your input!

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