"Nie piję kawy przed obiadem."

Translation:I do not drink coffee before lunch.

January 5, 2016

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Since when is obiad not considered lunch anymore? I remember learning it as lunch before.


the official dictionary definition of 'obiad' (and also how we consider it) is 'a hot meal being eaten usually in the middle of a day'. thus we can consider it both as lunch or dinner, depending what time exactly it is eaten (around midday or more in the afternoon, e.g. around 5pm afterwork).

so, as long as it is rather big, hot meal eaten in between the breakfast and supper (or other afternoon/evening tea/snacks) we name it 'obiad'. It is more about the form than the time actually :)


Very clearly and accurate description.


It is both :) , but if it didn't mark your answer as correct please report it.


Alright, will do, but I had to check beforehand :) thanks!


Do nouns like lunch (obiad) always add -em if they're at the end of the sentence, or is there another reason obiad becomes obiadem?


Unfortunately, the end of the sentence doesn't have anything to do here. "Przed" (before, in front of) simply takes Instrumental*. Instrumental endings for masculine singular will mostly have ending -em or similar (see here for more details).

So for example:

  • before breakfast - przed śniadaniem (neuter)

  • before lunch - przed obiadem (masculine)

  • before dinner - przed kolacją (feminine)

*In most cases. To be more precise:

  • (+ instrumental) before (earlier than in time)

  • (+ instrumental) in front of (denotes location)

  • (+ accusative) in front of (denotes movement)


I am begging please explain me the whole cases thing I want to understand it PLEASE EXPLAIN THE WHOLE CASE THING TO ME PLEASE


This is a very broad topic. Please take a look here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16296174 and check for posts about cases.


Both of them , Lunch and Dinner should be consider as OBIAD. Usually polish people do not eat meal while work time.


How do you survive? Teach me. Please.


This is not normal.


"Before lunch i do not drink coffee." is not excepted!?


Ive noticed that the one speaker is not always clear, especially if you listen at the slower speed, i have made several similar mistakes when it's the same speaker, typically a spelling error near the end of a word


Which speaker is that? And do you know if it's an old voice or a new voice (appeared the first time around a week ago)?


Poor narration on this one.


Can I say '... do obiadu'? Or 'do' is for destination only (e. g. do domu, do szkoły)?


You can, but it would mean 'together with the lunch' (к обеду).


Frankly, I think it's possible to interpret "do obiadu" the way that wladszab wants to, although "together with the lunch" would be my first thought. But I think that especially if we were to turn it into "Do obiadu nie piję kawy", that could be "before". Not sure if it's worth accepting though.

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