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"Literature will change his view on life."

Translation:Edebiyat onun hayata bakışını değiştirir.

January 5, 2016



Why is değiştirir used here instead of değiştirecek?


The aorist case is quite mysterious in Turkish indeed and we had to make a few choices in creating this course. Often, when you don't have a specific time in the future in mind, you use the aorist tense. This is one of them :) We do accept this sentence translated with the future tense as well


You can use the aorist tense instead of the future tense in two different cases.

1) When you want to add the sense of I think / I believe. But if you believe that someone has already PLANNED to do something you cannot use the aorist.

2) When you let someone know that you volunteer to do something. (it can even be very little things like answering the door)


Thanks for that explanation. Can you please give a little example in Turkish for point 2)


-- Don't worry, I'll wash the dishes. - Endişelenme, bulaşıkları ben yıkarım. (Emphasizing the fact that you volunteer. You let the other person know that you volunteer to do it for the first time)

++ Oh okay, thank you.

(After one hour + attempts to wash the dishes and - sees that)

-- Don't worry, I'm gonna wash the dishes. - Endişelenme, bulaşıkları ben yıkayacağım. (Emphasizing the fact that you'll do that at some point in the future. The other person may already know that you'll do it so maybe you just remind them)

Other examples: Hesabı ben öderim. - I'll pay the bill. (You shouldn't pay) Ona ben söylerim. - I'll tell it to him. (Don't worry about it)

So the idea is you let the other people know that you volunteer to do it. If you realize the subject usually comes before the verb because it's the stressed information but it can actually come anywhere. So ben hesabı öderim is also correct.

It's optional, so you can still go with the future tense but using the aorist is more natural in this kind of situations.


Thank you, I got it now


Is the 'onun' essential here? Is it not implied in the 'bakışını'?


I would like to know as well, my answer was rejected essentially because i left out 'onun'


'' Edebiyat onun dünya görüşünü değiştirecek ''

Was not accepted.

17.10.2019 (Definitely should be corrected)


Why is görüş not accepted? Edebiyat onun hayata görüşünü değiştirir/değiştirecek?


I just check and it's given as a possible translation but it's not accepted as a correct answer...

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