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"Mój brat jest niższy ode mnie."

Translation:My brother is shorter than me.

January 5, 2016



"my brother is shorter than I am" isn't accepted.


Added "I" and "I am".


Why is "smaller" rejected. In English you would use both smaller and shorted interchangeably.


I think "smaller," as I hear it used, usually emphasizes not height but weight. One would be unlikely to use it of a much taller person, but someone of similar height but lower body weight might be described as smaller.


Why are there so many words in this exercise with the combination -z(dot)sz. They don't both seem to be pronounced, understandably because it seems nearly impossible to say the two together without their making single sound.


Ż is devoiced to sz [ʃ] because it's followed by the voiceless sibilant sz.


I tried answering this question several times in Polish, but git an error saying I typed in English, instead of Polish; "mój brat jest niższe ode mnie"


We've seen several similar comments, but we'd really need to see some screenshot that we could send to the developers...

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