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  5. "That computer is being used."

"That computer is being used."

Translation:O bilgisayar kullanılıyor.

January 5, 2016


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Why is bilgisayar in the normative case when it is object and a specific object?


It is not an object, but rather the subject :) This sentence is in the passive voice which never takes the accusative case (this is true across most languages I have studied as well).


Turkish grammar keeps getting harder. What gave me the idea that it would not?

Why can't we use the aorist form of kullanilmak here?


şirket işlerinde o bigisayar kullanılır (that computer is used for company works)

if you want to set up a sentence in aorist form, there shouldn't be -ing on verb in english translation


I know this falls beyond the scope of the course, but would 'kullanılmaktadır' be acceptable here as well?


How to say : That computer is being used by him.

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