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  5. "Our floor, your floor"

"Our floor, your floor"

Translation:Nasza podłoga, twoja podłoga

January 5, 2016



Is it some kind of idioms people use ?


It isn't but we have a song about individuality called "Mój jest ten kawałek podłogi" (This piece of floor is mine).


Nasze piętro, wasze piętro is not acceptable here? I can't imagine the circumstance someone would say this sentence with 'floor' as 'podłoga' rather than 'piętro'


They would when discussing flooring: Our floor is real wood; your floor is engineered wood. Our floor is clean; your floor is filthy. Our floor is guaranteed for 5 years, while your floor is only guaranteed for 6 months. Our floor cost more to install than your floor. Our floor was put in at the same time that your floor was, and yet ours is already wearing out.

Our floor can beat up your floor AND your dad AND yo momma.


Why not swoja? I can't figure out when to use it!


"swoja" always refers to the subject of the sentence. As there is no sentence here, no subject, it is impossible to use "swoja" here.

When to use it:

[Ja/] kocham swoją mamę. = I love my mom.

[Ty/] kochasz swoją mamę. = You love your mom.

[Ona/] kocha swoją mamę. = She loves her mom.

[Oni/] kochają swoją mamę. = They love their mom.

And so on, and so on.


Can we also use swoja for "I love our floor" ?

Or is the difference between I and our too large for using swoja?


That's not the same grammatical person, that doesn't work.


No hints, guessed wrong


You don't see any hints? But I... great, I must have eaten the wrong mushrooms again...


Jesz złe grzyby!!

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