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  5. "Dziewczynka pije wodę."

"Dziewczynka pije wodę."

Translation:A girl is drinking water.

January 5, 2016



Why not "Dziewczynka piję wodę" ?


I drink - ja PIJĘ

she drinks - ona PIJE


Thank you very much. :-) You deserve a lingot.


Is there a difference between definite and indefinite? I'm guessing that there is, by the fact that 'THE girl is drinking water' isn't offered as a possible solution. But what is it?


"the girl is drinking water" is a possible solution. We do not have definite and indefinite articles in Polish, so as long as there is a probable context you can use either.


Thanks! I love how hands-on the Duolingo Polish team is!


Is wodę in this case INSTRUMENTAL? If this the case what is the NOMITATIV? Thx in advance :)


No, "wodę" is Accusative. It is used for the direct object of the sentence.

Nominative is mostly used for the subject of the sentence. "dziewczynka" here is Nominative.

In the first part of the course, the only Instrumental you will find will be in sentences like "She is a girl" = "Ona jest dziewczynką". Then other usages will come, most commonly after "z" = "with".


"The girl drinks water" is incorrect? Can someone explain the difference, please? TIA


I answered "A girl drinks water" this time and it was marked correct. Does the little hook on the 'e' of pije make the difference between "is drinking" and "drinks"? To be honest, i don't remember if there was a hook on the 'e' the first time I got this question.


Disregard my last sentence. Of course there was, else I wouldn't have been able to comment on the thread I previously posted on. Sorry, long day.


A girl's drinking water = A girl is drinking water !!!!!!!!!!

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