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  5. "Jak twoje zdrowie?"

"Jak twoje zdrowie?"

Translation:How is your health?

January 5, 2016



Why isn't it "Jak jest twoje zrdrowie?", instead of "Jak twoje zdrowie?" The verb "jest" is sometimes implicit?


"Jak jest twoje zdrowie?" sounds totally wrong to me, although I understand perfectly why you wrote that. It's hard to say if there is some verb implicit here. I guess you should just remember this as a construction which is a bit ungrammatical.


And can we have 'What is your health like?'


I suggested "What about your health" which is not a literal translation but seems to me express the sense. However not accepted...


Conversation-wise they do not look the same to me... I think the Polish sentence should at least be "A jak twoje zdrowie?" to express the "What about your health?" which doesn't sound like it can be the first question in a conversation.

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