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  5. "She reads him a newspaper."

"She reads him a newspaper."

Translation:O ona bir gazete okur.

January 5, 2016



How likely is a Turkish speaker to insert a glottal stop between o and ona?


It would have to be there. :)

Most native speakers would exclude "O" from this sentence.


Why doesn't duolingo read the words out anymore?


Yeah it doesn't read words !

  1. O ona bir gazete okur ...2. O bize gazeteyi okur I don't understand why is the word "gazete" in 1. sentences, and "gazeteyi" in the second. What is correct?


They mean two different things. The first is "S/he reads him/her A newspaper.." The second is "S/he reads us THE newspaper." :)

The accusative case distinguishes specific from general direct objects.


Oh yes, I see now. Thanks


What's the difference between "onu" and "ona"?


As far as I know... Ona is related to this lesson (Dative pronouns) ona means to him ... while onu is the accusitive case which represents he/she/it as the object of the scentence onu must be an object and cant be a subject.Example :Ben onu bir gazete okurum


Also to express something TO any pronoun it should be using the dative pronouns.You can say:ben sine bir portakal veriyorum .. but you cant say ben sen bir..... while onu gives the same meaning as o but it is just used to give a closer and less formal conversation.


Not exactly: http://www.turkishlanguage.co.uk/personalpronouns.htm Please correct your example sentence which needs the Dative form. Here is an example from the site above: "Give it to me." is "Bana onu verin." in which "it" or "onu" is the direct object and "bana" or "to me" is the indirect object which can be stated as "Give me it." In both the English and Turkish "you" or "sen" or "siz" are understood as the subject.

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