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  5. "Use your imagination!"

"Use your imagination!"

Translation:Użyjcie wyobraźni!

January 5, 2016



Napisałem "Używaj swojej wyobraźni" ale nie zaakceptowało mojej odpowiedzi. Czemu tak jest?


I think I have the same question: what's the difference between użyć and używać?

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The usual perfective/imperfective difference. "użyć" should rather be one-time, it makes sense here as "Use your imagination, now!". "używać" would be in general - "Geez, it's like you don't think at all, use your imagination from time to time!".

I guess there's no reason to reject "używaj" (added now), although it wouldn't be a common thing to say.


Również "użyj swojej wyobraźni" you=ty,wy


This one is interesting -- when clicking on the word choices, "użyj" is the only choice and that appears to be the second person infinitive form of the verb which says to me the translation is "he / she to use imagination." What am I missing?


While I am no expert, "użyj" I believe, is 2nd person singular imperative (command). Adding "cie" would make it plural and adding "my" 1st person plural (let us use).

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